Tuesday September 2nd

Warm Up

400 m run

3X 10 each

Walking Lunge

push ups

sit ups


2 min Shoulder / wrist Mobility



10 Min Emom 75-85 % or Build to a heavy

Power Clean & Push Jerk


Met Con 12 Min AMRAP

6 KBS 1 Pood/ 1 1/2 Pood

6 T2B

6 Pistols (alternating L/R)


Post WOD 

50 weighted sit ups 20/14







September 1st Monday 8AM Class Only

Labor Day, Holiday Schedule

all other Classes have been cancelled we will be having One Class only @ 8 AM.  Have a safe holiday enjoy it with  family and friends.

Warm Up

400 m Run

25 m side shuffle L/R

25 m Carioca L/R


15 OHS

10 Lateral side step with High Knee L/R (box)

10 PushUps

10 Mountain Climbers

2 Min Shoulder mobility

2 min Hip Mobility


Stength/ Technique

3X.      3 Pause Position working bottom down


3 @50 % High Hang Power Snatch

3@ 60% hang Power Snatch

3 @ 70% Floor Power Snatch


Met Con For Time

1 Mile Run


50 WallBalls 20/14

40 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Burpees

20 Power snatches 95/65

10 Pull Ups







2 Min DU

20  Mountain Climbers

15  OHS


15 Light WallBalls

30 handstand hold



Spend 2-4 Min on Mobility

Hip floss/ Stretch

Banded Shoulder Stretch

30 sec L/R Shoulder Stretch w PVC



Find Your 3 RM



50 DU between rounds or 150 S

15- (DU) -9. (DU)-6-(DU)

OHS 95/65







Thursday August 28th

Warm Up 1 Time Thru

800 m Run

Bear Crawl Forward

Bear Crawl Backward

Compromised Lunge w / Leg Raise

Scorpions L /R 5 X

15  good Squats

15 Bent over Press W/5 to 10 Lb

Then 2-4 min

Hip ,back, knee mobility

Shoulder Mobility




3 – 3 – 3    70%  80%. 90%



MET CON 3 Rounds

10 Deadlifts @ 65 % 1RM

3 Ring MU.

*****Or 3. modify w Progression MU w Band

*****OR Modification for MU (. 9 Pull-ups  9 Ring Dips) or Dip off the Box

Then Cash OUT W

5 Min Plank ( you must accumilate 5 min anytime u drop you stop . Timer continues when you plank

FOR Time








Wednesday August 27thACCESSORY EQUIPMENT Accessory equipment is an interesting topic that is rather subjective. What I’ve found through my experience is that once an athlete gears up, they rarely gear back down. And in the beginning, it is worth while to spend some time shoring up weak links such as limited mobility in key areas of the body — ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders and wrists — and improving the strength and conditioning of these associated joints as well before wrapping yourself up like you’ve already spent the better part of your career as a competitive weightlifter. The only piece that I feel rather strongly about (and again this is subjective) are the use of shoes for the beginner. Even with requisite mobility, weightlifting shoes will provide a weightlifter with a steady platform to drive and deliver force into the barbell. Shoes will also alter body positions favorably to re- main more upright throughout the lift. And because position is king in weightlifting. This “uprightness” of the body will allow greater access to more efficient technique allowing the athlete to start developing proper proprio- ceptive awareness right from the start. Common pieces of equipment found in weightlifting are weightlifting specific shoes, velcro and leather belts, nylon straps, elastic knee wraps and sleeves, and wrists wraps and athletic tape. So, if gearing up slow is the goal, how do you know when it’s an appropriate time to start using any of the pieces? Again, being com- pletely subjective, the athlete will typically hit a point where the thought or feeling of needing to try a piece of equipment will arise out of some gut instinct and that’s the instinct they will tend to follow. FINAL THOUGHTS Olympic-style weightlifting is a sport that has many mental, emotional and physical ups and downs. You’ll hit a period of time where your technique is coming along, you’re setting new personal records, and you’re feeling invin- cible. Then, inevitably, the dark times will come and personal records will seem like an impenetrable ceiling while technique seems to flirt by the wayside. During these moments, it’s important to remember why you started in the first place. What is it about weight- lifting that truly captures your attention and why it holds a candle in your heart. Once you can answer these questions with clarity and certainty, these are the answers that will help carry you through your lifetime journey towards weightlifting mastery.

Announcement only 1 Class on Monday 8AM all other classes are cancelled.  Enjoy the day with friends & family.





Warm up 1X thru

600 m run


20 Hallow Rocks

20 Step Ups

25 m toe walk (across Gym)

25 m Heal Walk ( “”)


2-4 min

Banded Shoulder stretch

Bar & Foam RollerStretch



Shoulder Press

3 @70 3 @80 3@90


Met Con

Cash In 600 m sandbag Run


4 Rounds

6 Push Press 115/75

9 Box Jumps 20″ -24″

12 Russian Twist with weight 20# /10#


Cash Out 600 M  Sandbag Run







August 26th Tuesday

Warm up

400 m run


10 Compromised Lunge with leg raise

10 inchworm ( stationary )

10 Mountain Climbers

10 K2E

10 Back extensions

With PVC 3 Position w/ a Snatch Pulls

3 Sets 5 Reps pause 2-3 sec in each position


10 Min EMOM

1 Snatch grip Deadlift + 1 Snatch Pull

Build up to 80% of 1 RM for 10 min emom



Met Con 15 Min AMRAP

4 X 25 m Sprint

5 T2B

10 KBS 53/35

10 Stationary Lunge   (Alternating Leg. 5each side)

August 25th Monday

Warm up 2 X

600 m run

10  med ball cleans

10 push ups

10 mountain climbers

10 k2E







WOD with a running clock


3 Cleans (PC or Full) 135/95

10 Burpees


2  Min Rest


2 Cleans 155/125

10 Burpees