July 25th Friday Crossfit High Impact

Here’s Some Reading Material on weight Trainning Belts.  How to Use it Correctly and it’s main purpose.  Please take the time to read the article, it’s  amazing how many people think of these belts as a back support by tightening the belts buckle and there protected and in fact.. Not

Lessons In Weight Belts: How And Why To Use Them
Weight belts are an important piece of equipment in your training repertoire. Find out how and why to use them!




by Matt Biss Oct 12, 2012
In the dark corner of my local gym, I recently spied a guy doing sit-ups … while wearing a weight belt. The sight was like a swift punch to the crotch! While it’s not the worst gym offense, or even an incredibly rare event, I realized that many trainees don’t know what a lifting belt does, when to wear one, and why someone should.

Wearing a belt during sit-ups, for example, is actually contrary to the function of the belt. The whole point of a weight belt is to prevent spinal flexion; the whole point of doing a sit-up is to flex your spine by contracting your abs. See the problem here? I’ve also seen people belt up for biceps curls, lat pull-downs, and leg extensions. Clearly, some instruction on this common accessory is needed.

Belt-Ology In Action ///
Most people think that weight belts support the back and can help prevent injury. That’s generally true, but a better understanding of the mechanics will change how many people use their equipment. Even some weight belt manufacturers don’t understand how a belt is supposed to work, which is revealed when they make the back of the belt wider than the front.

To talk about belts, we first have to talk about breathing. Most people are taught to inhale on the eccentric (negative) part of an exercise and to exhale during the concentric (positive). While you should definitely breathe, this isn’t the method that works best when you need to produce a large amount of force. In the everyday world when you need to move something heavy—a couch or an Atlas stone—you take a big breath, push or pull while holding your breath, and only exhale after completing the movement.

We use this technique—known as the Valsalva Maneuver—when we’re performing certain exercises at near-maximal effort. Holding your breath against a closed glottis while increasing you thoracic abdominal pressure braces you, and allows you to lift more weight. You’d never see a powerlifter squatting 600 pounds while slowly breathing out.

When you inhale, pressure increases in your thoracic cavity; this pressure is further increased when you flex your abs. In this regard, the muscles of your abdomen serve chiefly to apply pressure to the anterior side of your spine, attempting to balance the forces produced by the extensors on the backside. In other words, this pressure keeps you from being crushed by the weight when you squat.

The back muscles apply force, position and support to the spine from the back while the abdominal wall and increased abdominal pressure from a deep breath support it from the front. A weight belt’s main function is to add support from the front by increasing abdominal pressure.




Belt It Real Good ///
In a nutshell, a lifting belt provides a wall for your abs to push against. The added force with limited space means increased anterior pressure for the spine, helping to stabilize it. This gives you a more rigid torso with better transmission of force from the hips to the bar, plus a more stable foundation for overhead lifts. The width in the back of the belt has absolutely nothing to do with a belt’s function, as many people think.

Ideally, a belt between three-and-four-inches wide, all the way around, is sufficient. If it’s much smaller than that, it won’t provide much support. If it’s much larger than that, it may not fit well between your ribs and hips. The material should be firm, typically leather/suede or something that won’t stretch.

To Belt Or Not To Belt ///
There is no need to wear a belt all the time. There is a lot of discussion in the fitness community about whether you should wear a belt at all. Some people believe you should only rely on your own abilities to stabilize heavy loads. I don’t intend to delve into that debate here, but I will say two things: first, under a heavy load, a belt can help reduce your odds of getting an orthopedic injury. Second, a belt will definitely aid in lifting performance.

In my opinion, a weight belt is only necessary during near the max attempts on compound lifts, definitely not when you’re on a bicycle. You shouldn’t wear a belt with loads that you can easily support—below 90% of your one rep max on big, barbell lifts.

Wear It Right ///
When wearing the belt, it should be positioned and tightened correctly. Many times I’ve seen lifters move the belt to a more comfortable position under their gut, even though that is contrary to what they’ve learned about belt usage. Obviously, the belt shouldn’t be too loose, although many make the mistake of making it too tight. A belt so tight that you can’t properly contract your abdominal wall will actually work against you. Take a breath (hold it), place the belt in position and brace the abdominal wall. Draw the belt just tight enough to slightly restrict your braced abdominal position to achieve maximum benefit.









July 24th Thursday

Who’s following the “CrossFit Games”?  Awesome Athletes!  We can Only imagine their hard effort, dedication and sacrifice to be where they are at this moment of the Big Competition “CrossFit Games”,  the fittest of the Fit Worldwide taking place NOW!

Check out One of their TEAM EVENTs


Warm up

600 m run


goodmornings X 15

400 m run

Pull ups  X 10

dips X 10

200 m run

Mountain Climbers X 10 L/R =1

V ups X 10

100 m run


Lunges w/twist


Mobility 15 Min

Pick 2 areas to work on for 15 min?  Concentrate on mobilizing , flossing or smashing upstream or downstream of your personal issues. Please utilize this time for restorative work and not JUST socializing.  Partnering up with a “Super Friend” would be awesome!


WOD FOR TIME ( No Cherry Picking)

”  Partner SandBagging Brenton “


100 m Buddy Carry (A)

100 m Buddy Carry (B) on the way back

100 m Back  Broad Jump (A & B ). Together!!

Every 5 Broad Jumps you MUST do 3 BURPEES “Together”

then A & B  Runs with 1  sandbag  (Sharing the Load) at the Cone to designated distance ( less than 200 m for #INQUIRING MINDSWANT TOKNOW)

Partner rest together,  Partner Works Together… TEAM EFFORT ( penalty of 800 m run Together IF YOU LEAVE YOUR PARTNER BEHIND) which will be added to your final TIME.


LETS HAVE SOME FUN, learn how to communicate and plan out your strategy with your Partner and get a work out.





July 23rd Wednesday

Happy 29th Birthday Brandie






Warm Up

1X 600 m run

5 strict pull ups


10 Jumping Split Lunges

10 superman

10 Russian sit ups

10 Jumping Squats( full extension of the hips)


Strength Strict Press

+ 5# to 1 RM

5 @ 65


5 @ 85


WOD “Brandie 29″ for time

29 cal Row

29 SH2OH 95/135

29  Jelly’s.         L/ Lunge  + R/Lunge +Goblet Squat. (=_=)      =1 X 29

29 Weighted Sit Ups w/Medball 10/14 #( ball touches ground behind head 2 Chest into sit up position




July 20th Monday

Warm Up

4 min Jump Rope

air squats

Push ups

strict pull Ups

Walking Lunges

Sit ups




+ 10 New %1RM

5@ 65

5 @ 75

5 @ 85


WOD 3 Rounds for Time

50  DU or 150 S

10 Man makers

20 Lunges

30 Sit Ups


Friday July 18th

Happy 9th Birthday to 1  of the 3 of OUR amazing Daughters that we are Blessed to have!  We Love OUR Girls, Happy Birthday Ambrie






400 m Run


10 Goodmornings

10 med ball cleans

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Wrist Rotation 5 L/R

5  internal/ External Shoulder Rotation L/R





Front Squat

2- 2 – 2- 2- 2 -2


Met Con  3 Rounds For Time

10- Clean & Jerk

10 Bar Over Burpees


Thursday July 17th

As a Reminder we have open GYM 7AM for monthly Members Monday Thru Friday

Open Gym During regular Class time is not permitted

Also this SATURDAY Class July 19th Is CANCELLED,  HOME WOD will be announced.



Warm Up

200 M Run 3X

10 Goodmornings

10  Step Ups

10 DB Plank Row 5each arm

10 GHD Back Extensions

10 K2E




5 @ 40%

5 @ 50%

5 @60%





Box Jumps 24/20

*Inbetween Rounds 200 m RUN W/ 20# sandbag


Wednesday July 16th

Warm Up

1 Min Jump Rope


Sit ups





Bench Press

5 @ 70

5 @ 75

5 @ 80


TABATA  20 sec on 10 sec off 8 Rounds

DU total reps of 8  Rounds

Hallow Rocks total Reps 8 Rounds

KBS. (Russian eye level) total of 8 arounds

Snatches w DB (L/R Alternate) total Reps of 8 Rounds