Get CrossFit HI in Kauai – Thursday 2-7-13

3 times through the following:

1 Minute At Each Station – Only Allowed one attempt at each station though – ie no resting between reps
  • Station 1: Ring Pushups – max reps in one set (*must externally rotate shoulder at the top of the pushup – see video)
  • Station 2: Inverted Rows on a Bar – max reps in one set (*bar on Jhooks, feet on a plate or two)
  • Station 3: Double Unders – max reps in one minute (this one is the exception…ie if you mess up on doubles you can keep going till minute is up)
  • Station 4: Rest
(*So, if Kai, Len, James, and Nikki were partners, Kai would start on ring pushups, and get one attempt in a minute to max out reps, Nikki starts on the rows, and gets one max rep attempt in the minute, Len on Doubles max reps in a min on Doubles, and James is resting.  At the minute we rotate, James to rings, kai to rows, nikki to doubles, len to rest).
Name this Athlete =)

Name this Athlete =)

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