WEDNESDAY August 12th






Dynamic Effort Upper:
Strict Press Against Singled Micro Mini (Under 185 lb. Max) or Mini (Over 185 lb. Max) Bands, 50% Bar Weight – 8×3

Barbell Upright Rows- 4×10
DB Press – 8RM
400 Meter Run
21 S2O 95/65
21 Pull ups
400 Meter Run
15 S2O
15 C2B
400 Meter Run
9 S2O
9 Bar Muscle Ups

GHD Banded Oblique Twists (face up) – 3×20 Per Side

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More ab variations! Shown here: Banded GHD Sit Ups (to parallel), and GHD Static Banded Oblique Twists. For the sit ups, either use the same band for several sets of 20. Or find a max band tension for 8-10 reps. For the oblique twists, perform several sets of 20 per side. Enjoy! @conjugatenation Follow our complete programming for either Powerlifting or CrossFit at: Conjugate CrossFit Programming: Conjugate Powerlifting Programming: Or direct message me for individualized needs! #ConjugateNation #CrossFit #Powerlifting #StrongerIsBetter #WestsideBarbell #SweattShop #CrossFitConjugate #Abs #ryourogue @roguefitness

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