Wednesday 2-24-16

I just wanted to thank everyone for making yesterday special for me. Im grateful to have all of you in my life. All the birthday wishes and surprises ☺️

ALSO 1 more day till the open🎉 5 weeks of putting our fitness to the test.,we will be having a potluck in the evening every friday.

Lets have some fun!! come out support and cheer for everyone participating or not!

Warm up 3x or 10 min

1X 400 m run


5 banded T’s , W’s & V’s

10 step up

10 airsquats

10 alt leg t2B


Choose to spend 2-4 min on smashing, mobilizing or flossings.



HIP/ Hammy/quad



7 minute AMRAP

15 wall balls (20/14lbs)
10 toes to bars
5 power Clean jerks(135/95lbs)

REST 5 minutes

B. 7 minute AMRAP
10 OHS (95/65lbs)
10 KB swings (53/35lbs)
10 over the box jumps 24/20″

On pacing. Each of these workouts is intended to be performed at “cruising speed” = you should be cool and collected throughout, nothing should feel like a struggle (optimise loads accordingly if needed)

Goal. Work below your threshold, these should be easy going workouts and you should feel better at the end than at the beginning.

Aim. Preparation for the Open workout, keep your body ticking in anticipation of the Open

Focus. Keep a steady, smooth pace throughout


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