THURSDAY 2-25-16

-100 m run
-10 lunge w/instep
-10 inchworm w pushup
-in a squat 10 Alt arms into T -W/spinal Rotation

A. 20 minute EMOM, alternating

(1) Complex gymnastics movement – 1 to 10 reps
(2) Barbell movement – 5 to 15 reps
(3) Simple gymnastics movement – 5 to 20 reps
(4) REST***

Complex gymnastics. Muscle up, bar muscle up, handstand push up, rope climb, pistol

Barbell. Snatch (power or squat), clean (power or squat), jerk, thruster, overhead squat, deadlift

Simple gymnastics. Chest to bar pull up, pull up, toes to bar, push up, box jump @ 24/20”, double under (up to 40 reps)

Why do I have to choose for myself? Knowing yourself as an athlete (strength and weaknesses) is essential for your long term success in the game. Today’s work will be an opportunity for you to consider this and to make the skill work specific to your needs.

But how do I know what to do?Choose the movements from the list(s) above based on what you need to (not just want to) work on the most. Choose both the load and repetitions so that you are working at the edge of your ability to move well. See further tips below.

Loading (for barbell movements).Choose a load as heavy as allows you to move well (your best form possible today) and complete all the reps in one unbroken set each round.

Repetitions. Choose number of repetitions that allows you complete all the work in one unbroken set each round.


(1) Bar muscle up – 6 reps
(2) Thruster – 5 reps 135lbs
(3) Box jump 24” – 15 reps
(4) REST


1 Mile RUN


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