Warmup: 3X
200M Run, 200M Backwards Run
Skill: Agility Drills
2X 25 m each & each direction
Carioca’s L/R
High knee skip
Butt kickers
Side shuffel L/R

Endurance WOD:

Partner WOD- one partner works while one partner rests. Each partner performs the entire workout. For example, “Edith Runs 100m while Amy rests. Amy runs 100M Runs, Edith rests. Edith runs 200m..” and so on until they’ve made their way up and back down the ladder.

100M Run

200M Run

300M Run

400M Run

600 M Run

400M Run

300M Run

200M Run

100M Run




MOBILITY 5-10 min

Shoulder/Thoracic/ back/Hip

Banded distraction, smash or roll out..


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