TUESDAY 5-10-16

WARM UP 10 min or 3 X
20-40 DU or ME unbroken
5 each leg 1-leg KB Deadlifts
2-3 wallwalks
20 Walking lunges
#2 Who’s the BOSS?
“Miranda’s Madness”
12min Cap (Rx)
200 Double Unders
100 Deadlifts (225/155)RX (masters125/185)
100 HSPU
100′ Overhead Walking Lunges (KB 24k/16k RX)(Masters16k/12k)

*Split the load on Double Unders, Deadlifts, and HSPU however you choose but each athlete must do at least 1 rep of each movement. If a movement is broken athletes must switch with the new working athlete required to complete at least one rep before switching back. Walking lunges will be split load switching athletes every 12.5′. Each 12.5′ segment must be unbroken or athlete will return to starting line. Tie Breaker is finish time for HSPU/Hand Release Push-up.

300 Single Unders
100 Deadlifts (185/125)
100 Hand-Release Push-ups
100′ Rack Walking Lunges (KB 16K/12k

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