Wednesday 7-13-16

800 m run
3 X
10 Lunges w trunk Rotation
20 Sec Handstand Hold
20 sec Straight arm lat stretch on Barbell
20 sec Pigeon pose

WOD DEADLIFT 1 RM with Max effort HSPU
3 Attempts taking one of your best sets. Rest as needed between sets
Deadlift, Ramp up to 1 RM and within 30 sec of completing the deadlift begin the Handstand push up.
RX 2-45’s plate with Ab Mat men & Women
SCALED Shoulder Press 45/65 barbell
SCORRING: Multiply the Deadlift Lbs by the number of HSPU completed.
HSPU IS DONE ONCE ATHLETE COMES OFF WALL or PAUSES FOR 10 sec or more at either bottom or top of Handstand
1 mile cool down run


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