WARM UP 10-15 min
400 m run or 500 row
2 X
Inchworm w push-ups
Mountain climbers
G2OH w/med ball
20 sec Lunge hold each leg knee 1″ off ground neutral spine
Clean and Jerk 6 x 3 reps
*Work up in weight each set of 3 reps, try and start around 67-70% and just add 5-10# each set! resting between each set as needed. These should be full squat clean and jerks.

WOD(20 min w rest)
5 Rounds for max reps
1 min Row for Cal
1 minute Power cleans 135/95#
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Rest
**Score total in each
• Row for cal
* Power cleans

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