TUESDAY 5-2-17


WARM UP 2 -3Rds
100 m run
10 jumping squat
10 Yrd Lateral Lunge L/R
10 yrds Forward Lunge
10x inchworm w push-up
10 X k2E


Strength Work
Hang Power Cleans
3 x 10 Reps (Started first set at 50% of 1RM Clean)
3 x 8 Reps
3 x 6 Reps
3 x 4 Reps
3 x 2 Reps
*Every set you must add weight! Do 3 sets of 10’s adding weight each set, then 3 sets of 8’s adding weight each set, etc. all the way up to 3 sets of 2!
WOD for Time
start a new Round every 50 sec. if you can’t keep a round under 50 sec continue till you finish 10 Rounds
10 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar
10 Push Ups

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