MONDAY 6-12-17

100 m run
5 Half Burpee
10 Airsquats
5 Burpee
10 Step ups
10 Lunge w/instep
10 sec Bottom of dip hold



Front Squat
*Get a decently heavy set of 3 and 2, then slowly increase weight until you hit a heavy single for the day! Try and maintain a great position throughout, don’t sacrifice form for weight. I would rather you stay in a good position and move the weight faster than sacrifice form and lift 20-30 more pounds. This will also be more beneficial to you in the long run.


WOD 30 min CAP

For total time (No rest between sections)
3 Rounds of
7 Power Cleans 205/135#
7 Muscle Ups
3 Rounds of
25 TTB
75 Double Unders
Right into…
25 Burpee Dumbell Box Step overs 50/35#
*Should be in the 15-25 minute range for this workout… Pick a weight that you can do singles on the power cleans. Scale the MU to 14 pull ups if you need to! TTB and DU volume at a high heart rate, then finish with 25 burpee up and over the box, carrying dumbells.


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