200 m run
10 Airsquats
10 Spider-Man Push up
10 Alt Shoulder Tap (around the work sub)
****2X orGroup Stretch coach choice
30 sec Matador Stretch
30 sec HS HOLD
30 sec handcuff stretch
30 sec Arch hold
30 sec Hallow Hold

MIN 1: 30 sec Bar Tap
MIN 2: 30 sec Ring row(feet on box)
MIN 3: 30 sec Strict Chin ups
MIN 4: Rest
MIN 5: max KIP Pull-ups


In a team of 3
Row a 6K (Alternate every 250m)
In teams of 2 Row 4 K
*Each time you get off you must do 50’ Handstand Walk before getting back on the rower! Or you can Sub 10 HSPU! Each partner will end up rowing 2k. (8 x 250)

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