THURSDAY 8-24-17

Warm up 3 X
Row 200 m
10 Shpt
10 Ohs
10 Snatch balance
10 SOTS press
10 spider man push ups

EMOM x 10 minutes
3 Reps High Hang Snatch (Try to be around 60-65% of your 1RM snatch here!)
*You can pick to hang on to the bar or not, I would say try to if you can! Focus on positions, especially as you get tired throughout


Both partners finish Row 30 each before starting Burpees (partition as needed)
6 Rounds (total, each 3)
30 Calorie Row (Each)
30 BURPEES  (Combined)
Sled Drag 100m (+135/95#)(EACH)
*Sled isn’t too heavy, just something you need to put some good effort in to keep moving. Should be able to go the whole way (or close to it) without stopping on that sled!


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