Monday 9-18-17

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN HAWAIIAN ULTIMATE TRAIL RUN, such an awesome event for the kids put on by Poipu Crossfit.

OUR BOYS BROUGHT HOME 1st place in the and The Pacemakers (Girls)2nd place team Division.  (Note: weight was the same for all teams regardless of Gender)

Matt Ballard, Aaron Acorda ,Aric Acorda & Brandon Jacinto 1:03💪🏽 1st place

the Pacemakers

Lenette, becky, Cassandra & Keani 💪🏽2nd  with 1:19




ALSO WERE FEATURING A 9:30 A.M Yoga Class bring a mat and be there by 9:15.

1X 400 m run
10X Leg swings
10x banded Squats
10 X lateral lunges each
10X push ups
20-30 sec each couch stretch


Strength 20 min
Back Squats
6 x 6 Reps @ 70% + 10-20# from first week or +5-10# from last week



15 Deadlifts135/95
15 BURPEE over bar
12 Power Clean 135/95
12 BURPEE over bar
9 push press 135/95
9 BURPEE over bar
6 Thrusters135/95
6 BURPEE over bar
*This one is from UHTR KIDS EVENT #2
logans weight was 35#
Loikena’s weight was #45



Here’s a few more clips of Friday’s event for the kids with athletes put on by Aaron Hoff poipu Crossfit, Progenex and all the sponsors that made this weekend a success



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