TGIF 10-20-17

Warm up 3X 10
200 Row or run
Inchworm w/ Push Ups
Banded Squats
Banded goodmornings
V UPS                                                                     LUNGES(stationary )


20 Min EMOM
EMOTM 1 Complex starting with an empty Bar adding weight each round.
Score is final weight in Complex completed without dropping bar.
1 Complex =
1 Deadlift +
1 Hang Clean +
1 Front Squat +
1 Push Press + (not a jerk)
1 Back Squat +
1 BTN Push Press
* if you reached your 1 RM for this complex @ 12 Min and fail after, just drop to a weight for the complex with good form to complete the EMOM.

10 GHD
10 T2B
10Superman or back extension

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