MONDAY 10-30-17


Warm up
400 m run
Then 3X
10 inchworm push ups
10 Ring Row
10 x Banded Squats
10 x Banded Lateral Lunge Each Leg
10 X V ups


BOX Back Squat
3 x 10 reps (@60% of 1RM BS)
*working on here trying to switch to using more hips and hamstrings in the squat than using all knees and quads.  This was a good movement to build that movement pattern of sitting back in the squat and stopping at parallel with the box.  Also keep tension with your hips through the squat by pushing knees out like on banded squats in warm up. Also a tight core no sagging or going soft as you squat

WOD 10 Rounds
(20 Min Time CAP)
30 Airsquats
20 Push ups
10 DB Power Cleans 50/35
*using 2 DB Every Rep starts with DB touching floor and received in power position with knees and hips locked out.


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