MONDAY 2-5-18

Warm up 3X
40 Jump rope
10 OHS
10 Ring Row
5-7 Kip bar taps
10 sec top of the ring support hold
10 sec bottom of the dip support hold


3 Total Times (1:2)
75 Double Unders
*Muscle Ups
*Hang Power Snatch 155/105#
75 Double Unders
*Rest and repeat for a total of 3 Times! 1:2 work:Rest or do with a partner. Scale the Muscle Ups to pull ups if need be 15-10-5 and scale the Snatch weight as needed to stay unbroken or at most two sets! Intensity is the goal here for each round! Should be no longer than 8 minutes per round max.  pick a weight that would be challenge stay unbroken on this.  Muscle Ups should be manageable sets, I would say max of two sets each time, preferably less.

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