TUESDAY 3-27-18

Warm up
3 Sets
10/15 Calories Rower
10 One arm Overhead Squats (5 each arm)
10 Lateral Box Step ups (each leg, step up and return foot back to floor before stepping up again)
5 Strict Pull Ups (Work especially on strength in that bottom hang position!)

Snatch Waves (All from the high hang position!)
3 Waves or 3 Rounds
60% x 3 reps (No dropping the bar)
65% x 2 reps (No dropping the bar)
70% x 1 rep
75% x 1 rep
*This was intended for each round or “wave” to be slightly heavier than the last wave.  If this is not possible just stay at the same weight each wave!

12 Min AMRAP
8 Power Clean and Jerk 135/95#
6 Muscle Ups
(SUB W/progressions OR ATTEMPTS)
*Singles on the clean and jerks and try and hang on to those muscle ups!  Tough when you put these movements together!

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