Thursday 4-19-18

1 MIN Bike
1 Min Row
1 min DU
Then 2X
10 Wallballs Light
10 DB Renegade Row
20-30 sec each leg couch stretch
20-30 each Banded Shoulder Stretch
20-30 wrist mobility


Front Squats (post heaviest Front Squat for the day)
*First set should be at 80%, add weight to each set after that! Only add weight if you can hold a good position.  The position is more important than the weight.  You have to move well first and be able to keep a good position THEN you add weight!  Use these singles to build up a good position with a heavy weight!


WOD 7 Sets
Every 60 sec …or 90 sec
5 Hang Power Cleans + 5 Shoulder to Overhead (Maybe 65-70% or so of best hang p. Clean)
*suggestion here is something moderately heavy but you should be able to do this completely unbroken without putting the bar down each set! The option with recovery time is If you feel like you need more time to recover then go every ‪1:15‬ or every ‪1:30‬ if necessary but go heavy enough that you can be explosive and strong with good form through the entire set! I’d rather you go heavier and rest a bit longer than go lighter and rest shorter. But ideally fall right in the middle and hit all of these on the minute!

POST load used in your sets

Strict Pull Up
4 Sets Total
5,5,5 (Underhand, overhand, wide grip overhand)
*Rest as needed between sets of 5’s but complete each set of 5 unbroken without coming off the bar!
15 Weighted Sit Ups (Hold dumbell on chest

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