I just wanted to say thank you for the feedback on the programming and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it, let’s get at it this week 💪🏼

We’re gonna eliminate group stretch for the rest of April, if you need to stretch come in a bit early to do so before class. During this time instead we’re gonna focus on specific and individualized mobility. Please take this time seriously to eliminate injury and not as a time to hang out.

Warm Up
2 Sets
1 min on a machine
10 Sotts press (Behind the neck)
10 Hang Clean and Jerk (DB,each arm 10 reps)
10 Lateral Box Step ups (Each leg)=20


Strength Work
Alternating Minutes x 12 minutes
*Min 1: 1 Hang Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats (Same weight for all rounds)
*Min 2: 5-7 Alt arm DB Snatches (You pick weight, go as heavy as you can!)
*Work up in weight to something heavy you will use for the EMOM then try and stay there for the entire 6 rounds!  use around 71% of max clean for this workout, or what you can maintaining good form.

Estimated time around 15 Min
In teams of 3 giving 1:2 work:rest
Rowing intervals
10 Rounds: Max cal
30 Seconds Max Sustained Effort
90 Seconds Rest
*The goal here was to pick a painful pace, but one that you could hold for the entire 30 seconds without slowing too much if at all! Don’t sprint 10 seconds then slow down, maintain a strong pace through the entire 30 second effort! This should leave you hurting pretty good…

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