TUESDAY 4-24-18

Warm up
2 Sets
‪1:00 bike‬
‪1 min Jump Rope‬
5 Inch Worms (Walk hands out to push up position with straight legs, do a push up, and walk hands back to feet)
20 seconds freestanding handstand hold practice (accumulate this time in as few sets as possible!)
10 Jumping Squats
10 Ring Rows

“” R
Thoracic openers with med ball

Work on shoulder taps & Handstand walking


With a partner for time
-100 Double Unders (Each, together at same time)
-50 Wall Ball 20/14# (Each, together)
-150’ Handstand Walk (Together, one partner working at a time, scale to HSH shoulder tap or plank-shoulder touches)
-50 Strict pullups
(Combined , one partner working at a time)
-50 Dips (combined one working at a time)
-50 Wall Ball 20/14#
-100 Double Unders
*For the double unders, both of you EACH do 100 double unders at the same time.  Then for the wall ball, both of you do them at the same time as well, ideally these should be synchro wall ball! 150’ handstand walk Together(combined) but only one partner works at a time choose your increments (scaled shoulder taps HSH, plank -shoulder taps) alternating. 50 strict pullups are combined as a team complete this as many reps with only one partner working at a time! Same for Dips. rules on the way back up!
* if solo only cut reps on pull ups , dips and handstand walk(shoulder taps)

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