Warm up
Bike only arms 15 sec
Bike 15 sec
10 shpt
10 Pvc goodmorning
10 ohs
10 sots Press
30 sec shoulder mobility


STRENGTH (19-20 Min)
Power Snatches
EMOM x 5 minutes
5 Reps @ (55%)
*Rest 2 minutes
EMOM x 5 minutes
3 Reps @ (62%)
*Rest 2 minutes
Every ‪0:30‬ seconds x 5 minutes
1 Rep @ (72%)
*Increase the weight every time you drop the number of reps, try and make all of these touch and go reps!

10 T2B
10 back extensions
30 sec Max strict Pull ups
1 min (weighted)plank

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