TUESDAY 6-12-18



WARM UP 2-3 X 10 each
(For the week jun 11-16)
1 min bike
1 min Row
Spider-Man push ups
Mountain Climbers
Sit Up
Ring Rows


empty bar 3X
3 position 1 squat Clean + 1 Jerk
Above knee
High hang


Clean and Jerk
(Squat Clean)
5 x 2 Reps (Between 70 and 80% should be all the sets)
*If you feel good, work up to the 80% range, but if not stay closer to the 70% range and work on technique and speed! Remember your lifts get better when you practice them WELL and with some SPEED! Do these as singles, dropping the bar between each rep! Rest about 2 minutes between sets!



50 DU
40 Sit Ups

50 DU
30 Box jumps 24”/20”

50 DU
20 Power cleans135/95

50 DU
10 MU




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