Warm up 3x
Row 20/15 cal
20 mountain climber
10 Renegade Row
200 m Row
10 leg swings
25 m carriocas
25 m high knees
25 m buttkickers


Teams of 3 create a waterfall style. When partner 1 gets off Rower partner 2 starts on Rower etc.

4 Rounds
15/12Calorie Row (Hard)
25 m Sled Pull (Forwards) HEAVY
25 m Sled Drag (Backwards) HEAVY
800m Run (Recovery run)
*The idea here was to get the legs tired and then “recover” on the run.  I wasn’t worried about the run pace, just wanted to recover on the run! This took around 25 minutes! It should be continuous movement as the goal!


10 GHD Glute Ham Raises
10 barbell hip raise

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