FRIDAY 7-27-18

Warm up

1 min Row

1 min Bike

Then 3×10

 Banded  goodmorning

DB C & J

5 x wall walks 

30 sec couch stretch 



5 x 3 reps (Work up in weight each set, stay in the 70-80% range for all of these sets!)

*Work up in weight only if technique and speed allow, don’t miss any reps.

Partner WOD

4 Rounds Each  (1:1)

20 Calorie Row

12 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#

6 Deficit HSPU 4”/2” add 25’s if using ab mat

*1:1 – Work:Rest.  Alternate rounds with a partner! The challenge was see if you can do everything unbroken! If not scale your weight to something you can do unbroken.

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