TUESDAY 7-31-18

TUESDAY 7/31.18

100 m run

5 inchworm push ups

5 Spider-Man push ups

5 Diamond push-ups

10 Ring Row 

10 Airsquats

10 Cossack squats


Front Squat


*Work up to a heavy single for the day, try and get as close to 90% as possible for all 3 singles, should get you ready to go for cleans!

Squat Clean

1 Rep EMOM x 10 minutes

*Add weight each minute until you have hit something heavy for the day! Start at around 70% for your first minute and just work up fast! Just one rep on the minute, this is purely a strength workout try and go heavy!


10 Min Amrap 


10 pistols

15 pull ups 

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