Thursday 10-18-18

Warm up

1 min bike 

1 min Row


5/5 DB standing windmill 

5/5 DB cross body muscle snatch

10 Squats 

10 inchworm pushups



Warm up sets(6min)

Every 1:30 for 4 sets

10 Reps @ Bar

8 Reps @ light

6 Reps @ med

4 @a load at or just under working sets

*Do 20 Banded Pull Aparts after each warm up set.

Working sets

Every 2:00 for 3sets

3Reps @ 90 % of 3RM


Complex Warm up

3 Double KB Snatch

30 ft OH KB walk

3 Double KB Cleans

30 ft OH KB walk


5 ROUNDS for time

*use Double KB on walk 

5 Double KB Snatch

50 ft OH KB walk

5 Double KB Cleans

50 ft front rack KB 

5 Double KB front squat 

*2 min Rest between Rounds 

*use a KB that is challenging without having to put weight down

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