November 14 2018

Happy Birthday Kerensa, wishing you a very Happy and fun filled birthday and may all your wishes come true.



Join Kerensa at 4:30 for a WOD then follow the party girl to Thai at and with its finest.



2 Rounds:
Row: 10 Strokes easy, 5 strokes hard, 10 strokes easy, 5 strokes hard
5/5 Dumbbell single-leg deadlift
5 Dumbbell Sweatt shrugs


15 Squat therapy squats
*0:03 down, 0:02, at bottom, 0:00 up, 0:01 at top.


Warm Up Sets:
Every 1:30 for 4 sets:
10 Back squats (empty bar)
8 Back squats (30% of 1RM)
6 Back squats (50% of 1RM)

Back Squat – 1RM
*Reach your 1RM in no more than 8 attempts. Allow 20:00 to reach your 1RM, and allow 2-5:00 between final 3 attempts.

This is the focus for today…. the rest is icing on the cake. Go big!




EMOM 10:00
10/8 cal Row or Air bike
15 Air squats

*Sprint efforts each round


POST WOD (Not Optional)

E2MOM for 8:00
0:30 Single leg ring plank hold (left foot up)
0:30 Single leg ring plank hold (right foot up)




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