November 29th 2018

Warm Up

On a bike or rower, complete 5 intervals of:
0:50 Easy
0:10 Hard

Then, complete 3 rounds not for time of:
5/5 Windmills
5/5 Cross-body dumbbell muscle snatch




15 Squat therapy squats
* 0:03 down, 0:01 bottom, 0:00 up fast, 0:03 top.



Warm Up Sets:
EMOM for 3:00 (3 sets):
1 Snatch + 3 overhead squats
Set 1: @ 30% of 1RM snatch
Set 2: @ 45% of 1RM snatch
Set 3: @ 60% of 1RM snatch

Working Sets:
E2MOM for 16:00 (8 sets):
1 Snatch + 3 overhead squats
3 x complex: @ 75% of 1RM snatch
3 x Complex @ 80% of 1RM snatch
2x complex: @ 85% of 1RM snatch

The weight for this complex is heavy. The difficulty will likely be simply overhead squatting in such high volume. Focus on positioning for this complex, emphasizing the overhead position.


E3MOM for 12:00 (4 sets):
2x 6 reps Back squat @ 65%
2x: 6 reps Back squat @ 70%

No additional warm-up should be necessary unless there is a huge disparity in your 1RM snatch and your 1RM back squat. If this is the case, add 1-2 warm-up sets of the back squat.


AMRAP 5:00:
800m Run
With the remaining time complete AMRAP of:
Push press (115lbs/75lbs)

800m should be run at 85-90% effort, which will hopefully have you back in the gym within 3:00-3:30. This should allow you enough time to perform 20-30 reps at the light-moderate push press weight.



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