12-4-18 TUESDAY






Row 200

5 Wall ball front squat
5 Wall ball push press
5 Wall ball
*First round use a 20lbs/14lbs ball and the second round use a 30lbs/20lbs ball.

With an empty barbell: 1 X
5 Strict press
5 Push jerk
5 Mid-thigh power clean to push jerk
5 Power clean to push jerk

Warm up to weight for part C


If you finish before time cap then place times for A,B & C



At 0:00 on the Clock for 15 min as many reps as possible


150 Wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs to 10’/9′ target)

*every time you switch with your partner you both have to do 5 burpees each on the spot

B)  at 15:00 minutes on the Clock  for time
2000m Row

*one partner holds a plank while the other is rowing accumulating Meters

C)  at minute 30:00

“GRACE” (10 min as many reps as possible)

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

*One partner holding a 45/25 plate overhead while one partner clean and jerks

CAP AT 40 minutes



1:00 Banded shoulder extension stretch

1:30/1:30 Pigeon stretch on floor

Straddle stretch sequence 2
Hold for 0:20 in each of the following positions:
*Straddle left, center, right
*Straddle: left opposite hand to outside of foot, elbows to floor center, right opposite hand to outside of foot straddle
*Straddle: left over and across, center hover, right over and across


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