Wednesday 12-5-18

Warm up


Run 400m

Warm Up
2 Rounds for quality and range of motion:
10 Sampson stretch
10 Overhead squats (use a PVC)
10 GHD sit-ups (sub AbMat sit-ups)
10 Hip extension (sub good mornings)
10 Pull ups (sub banded strict pull-ups)
10 Dips (sub banded dips or box)

2 Rounds of the Burgener Warm-up

2 Sets of the following complex:
3 Beat swings + 3 toes to bar + 3 beat swings



Every 1:30 for 6:00 (4 sets):
1 Power snatch + 1 hang power snatch + 1 overhead squat

Sets 1: @ 45% of 1RM power snatch0
Sets 2: @ 60% of 1RM power snatch
Sets 3: @ 70% of 1RM power snatch
Sets 4: @ 75% of 1RM power snatch

This is intended to help prepare for the conditioning section as well as the weightlifting section. After performing these sets adjust the load for the first round of overhead squats.



Every 4:00 for 20 Min (5 sets)
200m Run
15 toes to bar
10 Overhead squats

Set 1: 115lbs/75lbs
Set 2: 125lbs/85lbs
Set 3: 135lbs/95lbs
Set 4: 145lbs/100lbs
Set 5: 155lbs/105lbs
*Score is # of successfully completed overhead squats with Rx weight.


Only increase the loading on the overhead squats if you were successful the round prior.



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