Wednesday 12-19-18

Warm up

On a bike or rower, complete 5 intervals of:
0:50 Easy
0:10 Hard

Then, complete 3 rounds not for time of:
5/5 Windmills
5/5 Cross-body dumbbell muscle snatch




Every 5:00 for 5 rounds:
800m Run

Attempt to keep all efforts within 0:05, which may require you to run at sub-maximal aerobic efforts.



4 Rounds, NOT for time:
10 Double kettlebell front squat (0:03, 0:00, 0:03, 0:00 tempo)
0:15 Rest
10 Pendlay row
0:45 Rest

For the front squats perform a 0:03 lowering phase and a 0:03 lifting phase. Do not pause at the top or bottom of the movement!


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