SATURDAY 1/19/19


Row 500m @ EZ pace

Warm Up
3 Rounds for quality and range of motion:
10 Sampson stretch
10 Overhead squats (use a PVC)
10 GHD sit-ups (sub AbMat sit-ups)
10 Hip extension (sub good mornings)
10 Pull ups (sub banded strict pull-ups)
10 Dips (sub banded dips or box)



ALTERNATE EVERY 1:30  on the row

complete 6 each DB Front SQUAT (When switching on rower)

For time:
7km Row

OR SOLO Every 3:00
6 Dumbbell front squats (70lbs/50lbs)

A 7km row on its own will take 20:00-25:00, so plan on this workout taking a minimum of 30:00. Don’t stress the time as much as a consistent work interval for the duartion of the workout.








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