Double Under Progression
10 Swing and Catch Drill
20 Single Taps
20 Single Unders
20 Double Taps
10 3-to-1’s
20 Double Unders


CrossFit Warm Up
3 Rounds for quality and range of motion:
10 Sampson stretch
10 Overhead squats (use a PVC)
10 GHD sit-ups (sub AbMat sit-ups)
10 Hip extension (sub good mornings)
10 Pull ups (sub banded strict pull-ups)
10 Dips (sub banded dips or box)



EMOM for 8:00 (8 sets):
Set 1: 1 Power clean + 2 thruster (light)
Set 2: 1 Power clean + 2 thrusters (medium)
Set 3: 1 Power clean + 2 thrusters (heavy)

Set 4: 3 Power jerks (medium)

Set 5: 3 Power jerks + 1 split jerk (medium)
Set 6: 3 Power jerks + 1 split jerk (heavy)

Set 7: 2 Thrusters + 2 shoulder to overhead (medium)
Set 8: 2 Thrusters + 2 shoulder to overhead (heavy)

This is just a warm-up for the post-conditioning max effort complex. Heavy is relative, but should not be close to failure.

Feel out the power jerk versus the split jerk. Use whichever you’d like for the final two sets, or even use a mix of the two.


“Unbroken Toes Balls Doubles”

For time:
3x 10 Toes to bar, unbroken
3x 35 Wall ball shots, unbroken (20lbs/14lbs. to 10/9′)
3x 75 Double unders,

Do all 3 sets of unbroken toes to bar before moving to the wall ball shots and all 3 sets of unbroken wall ball shots before moving to the double unders.

There is no penalty for not going unbroken today. Take as many attempts as needed to perform each set unbroken. If sets are not completed unbroken the workout is marked “scaled”.

This is training for both stamina, as well as efficiency practice. The “for time” aspect also makes it a little more fun.



Immediately upon completion of the “Unbroken Toes Balls Doubles”

Establish a max in 7:00 of:
4 Thrusters + 4 shoulder to overhead

1) The bar can be pre-loaded prior to starting part 1.
2) The bar must be taken from the floor.
3) A squat clean into a thruster on the first rep is acceptable, but NOT required.
4) The bar may NOT touch the floor until the complex is finished.
5) You may take as many attempts as you want in the 7:00.
6) The last rep of the complex must be completed before the clock hits 7:00

Low-stress max effort attempt post WOD to simuluate open conditions.

8 reps is a considerable stimulus requiring a fair amount of rest. I would recommend resting 1:00 after completing “Unbroken Toes Balls Doubles” and then make 3 attempts at a max load:
1:00) An easy set to put a successful score on the board.
3:30) Your max attempt.
6:30) Your second attempt at second weight or a heavier load if successful.

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