SATURDAY Feb 2 2019

Remembering Cora




(3Peaks Crossfit)

Wednesday December 19, 2018, will forever remain a day I will never forget.

To date, this is one of the most difficult blog posts I’ve had to write. As usual, it will be raw and real.

I received word that our youngest member, 13 years old, Cora Schryver committed suicide. Friends there’s no easy way to share this, and I have no words for the heartbreak that her parents, siblings, family, and our community are experiencing. This has rocked us all to the core.

As CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches, we strive every day to help people become better. To help them achieve their goals and believe in themselves on the good days and the not so good days.

We are life changers, and are called to start fires in the hearts of people we help to live healthy lives and go out into the world to make a difference as well. We truly want to help people.


200 m run


5 Bar Taps 

10 Step ups

10 Spider-Man push ups

10 Alt Leg V ups

10 Ring Rows




Box Jumps



3 Handstand Pushups Between Each Round

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