TUESDAY FEB 5th 2019







1x 400 m run

then 2X


10 OHS

10/10 DBSingle Leg Deadlift

10 Ring  row

10 Spider-Man pushup

10 Sit ups

5 Bar tap + 5 Pull-ups



EMOM for 4:00 (4 sets):
Set 1: 3 Deadlift (light)
Set 2: 3 Deadlift (medium)
Set 3: 3 Deadlift (medium heavy)
Set 4: 3 Deadlift (workout weight)

Deadlifts are after aerobic Cindy and RX is (255lbs/155lbs).


AMRAP 15 min of:  Cindy
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats
20/15cal Row

(sub Cal Row with 50 Du)


WOD (cap at 20 min)

For time
15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3
Deadlift (225lbs/155lbs)
Overhead squat (135lbs/95lbs)

This is a burner, with a large demand on the lower back and hips. We highly recommend being conservative here if you’re not feeling it.  We would also recommend wearing a belt for this.

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