TUESDAY 4-2-19


4 Rounds
8/8 Half kneeling bottoms up kettlebell press
10m/10m Band glute activation drill, lateral only
12 Scap retraction push-ups
0:30 Single unders





2 Rounds
*At a moderate pace
3 Bar-facing burpees
3 Dumbbell push press
10 Double unders

*Increase load on the push press on the second round.


FOR TIME : (15 Min Cap)

50 Bar-facing burpees
3 Rounds
25 Dumbbell push press (40lbs/25lbs ea)
75 Double unders

With the remaining time,
AMRAP Bar-facing burpees

*Score is the number of reps completed.

This workout is light loaded and very shoulder intensive. Use a consistent pace on the initial set of burpees before attempting to crank out the 3 round section with a quick pace and fast transitions. A top score on this workout could be upwards to 50 bar-facing burpees completed in final set!


3 Rounds, NOT for time:
0:30 Double kettlebell or dumbbell overhead hold
1:00 Rest

THEN 3 Rounds, Not for time:

0:30 V-ups

:03 Rest

1:00 Plank (weighted)

1:00 Rest

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