4-9-19 TUESDAY


Row 5X

:50 Sec Easy

:10 Sec Hard


5/5 DB Windmill

5/5 DB Single Leg deadlift

5/5 Sweat Shrugs


A. Lunge Flow
B. Hip – Flexion – Hinge

C. Shoulder – Front Rack


Deadlift – Rest as needed between sets

9 x 3, 1 x 3+ @ 62.5-67.5%(3+ RIR on last set), EMOM

– Choose a weight within the % range (62.5-67.5%) that you could do 6+ reps with, then stick with it for all the sets.
– The final set is a “+” set = AMAP with good form.
– Intent. The weight should feel almost too light at first and allow you to push for a big final set.



100 m 2X KB Farmer Carry after each Set (AHAFA)



Box Jumps 24/20

pull ups




15 GHD

20 Russian Twist

1 min Plank w weight











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