Wednesday 4-10-19





:50 Sec Easy

:10 sec Easy


5/ R arm DB OH Lunge

5/ R arm DB Kneeling Press

5/ DB R arm Kneeling windmill

then do Left ARM sequence

Warm up

3 hang clean high pulls
3 hang muscle cleans + 3 strict presses
3 tempo front squats, tempo 53X1+ 3 push presses
3 hang power cleans to front squat (receive each rep a little deeper, pause 2 seconds in receiving position)
3 clean pull unders + 3 push jerks
3 hang (squat) cleans + 3 split jerks

– You can break it into sets as needed. Complete the whole thing 2  times, starting with an empty barbell and adding load on each round if moving well
– Tempo 53X1 = 5 seconds down, 3 second hold at bottom, explode up, 1 second hold at top

Main set

Clean + front squat + jerk – 14 x (1+1+1) @ 70+%, go every 75-90s(1:15-1:30)

– Start @ 70% and build up if your form is good.
– Each set is 1 (squat) clean + 1 front squat + 1 jerk













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