MONDAY 7-1-19


18/15 Calorie Row

OrRun 400 m

2 Rounds:

5 Slow Wall Squats

:30s Alternating Warrior Squats

5 inchworm

1 Round of “Strict Cindy”

Into 2 Rounds:

1:00 Thoracic Opener (Barbell)

1:00 Laying Front Rack Stretch


:30 sec L/R ankle stretch


alternating OTM X 12 minutes (6Sets)

ODD 3 Front Squat

EVEN 6 Back squat

60% 3RM Back squat both lifts for all sets

WOD 20 min cap

For Time:

2K Row OR 1 Mile Run

Directly into 10 Rounds:

3 Power Cleans

6 Pushups

9 Air Squats

Barbell Pounds – 155/105


3 Giant Sets:

10 Dumbbell Box Step Overs (24″/20″)

10 Tempo Dumbbell Bench Presses

Rest 2:00 between sets.

NFT this is athlete’s choice on loading.

On the box step-overs, this is completed with (2) dumbbells, one for each hand. The aim here is not for time, but for quality effort. On each box step-up as well, we are looking for full extension on top of the box. In competition, we may be moving for speed, staying low or crouched… but not here. Let’s pull with our hamstring to full extension, standing tall, before stepping down to the opposite side.

On the tempo dumbbell bench presses, it is a 4-second negative, followed by a “regular” speed press. Use a flat bench for these repetitions.

Free to build in load, over both movements, over the course of the three rounds.

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