Warm up

2 Rounds:

12 Light Calorie Row

12 Spidermans (6/each) –

9 Moderate Calorie Assault Bike

50′ Single Arm Overhead Carry (25′ each)-

6 Fast-ish Calorie Assault Bike

6 Inchworms –

2 Rounds:

1:00 Thoracic Opener (Barbell) –

5 Barbell Strict Presses

1:00 Wrist Stretches on Box –

5 Barbell Push Presses

On the first round, use an empty barbell. On the second round, increase a bit of load.

2 Rounds:

200 Meter Jog

20 Double-Unders

100 Meter Run (a little faster now)

10 Double-Unders


3-6-9-12-15: Unbroken Deadlifts (60%)

After each set, 30% of our Max Strict HSPU

Barbell loaded at 60% of our estimated 1RM Deadlift.

Inside this piece, we are looking to hang onto the barbell in an ascending repetiton scheme. What starts on fairly easy turns into a stamina play, where we resting just enough in order to get the next set unbroken.

We are looking to complete both movements unbroken as well – deadlifts and strict HSPU.


3 Rounds:

800 Meter Run

80 Double-Unders

21 Push Presses

Barbell Pounds – 115/85

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