Warm up 2x

10 cal row or 200 m run

10 Ring Row

10 DB deadlift

10 Hallow Rock

10 Superman



On board


Warm up set on white board


7 Sets of 1

Tempo: 7 Seconds Up, 7 Seconds Down

Set 1: 40%

Set 2: 45%

Set 3: 50%

Set 4: 55%

Sets 5-7: 60%


• Positioning is the focus of our opening piece for today

• At lighter percentages of your 1RM Clean, take 7 seconds to reach the top and 7 seconds to lower the bar back down to the floor

• The challenge here isn’t the weights themselves, rather maintaining control of the weights during the slow tempos

• During each 14 second lift, let’s keep the hook grip on to simulate how we would typically clean

• Rest as needed between sets to maintain quality


• Slowing things down really allows you to feel out a couple key points:

• Lats On: Close the gap between the bar and the body, actively pressing back on the weight during the ascent and descent

• Hips and Shoulders Together: Keep the torso angle the same until the legs straight or the bar is above the knee


3 Warmup Sets:

Set 1: 25% of 1RM Clean

Set 2: 30% of 1RM Clean

Set 3: 35% of 1RM Clean

*Practice 7 Seconds Up, 7 Seconds Down for Warmup Sets as Well


Begin 7×1 Working Sets


5 Rounds, Every 4 Minutes: or turn into a 20 min amrap.

3 Bar Muscle-ups

6 Toes to Bar

9 Deadlifts (225/155)

15/12 Calorie Row


• Going fast and furious in these quick, well-balanced intervals

• We have a little gymnastics, a litte weightlifitng, and a little work on the Rower

• The small numbers on the three bar movements are designed that you are able to complete them ideally without breaking

• Choose variations on the gymnastics and a weight on the barbell that you can complete unbroken each time

• Looking for each round to take around 2:00-2:30 to complete, giving you 1:30-2:00 of rest

• Record scores for each round, with the final score being the slowest of the 5 intervals


• We approach the most challenging skill movement of the workout, the bar muscle-up, coming off rest each round and in a very small number

• Shoot for an unbroken set of bar muscle-ups to start each interval

• While you could hold onto the bar after the last muscle-up and go into the first toes to bar, it’s likely best to drop and reset to maintain a rhythm and ensure the 6 reps stay unbroken

• Fight for an unbroken set of 9 reps on the barbell, knowing that this is the last movement before we can get on the bike and just keep moving to the finish

• With the score today being the slowest round, pick a speed from the first round that you think you can replicate


• Just like our focus in the tempo clean deadlift, let’s aim to keep the hips and shoulders rising together

• The first rep is always the most difficult because there is no momentum

• Look to make the first rep the best rep


Bar Muscle-ups:

* Reduce Reps

* Jumping Bar Muscle-ups

* Banded Bar Muscle-ups

Toes to Bar:

* Reduce Reps

* Feet as High as Possible

* Knees to Elbow

* Knees to Waist

Cal Row

* 21/15 Calorie


Warmup Round 1:

1 Bar Muscle-up

2 Toes to Bar

4 Deadlifts (Lighter Weight)

8 Calorie Row

*Performed for quality, not speed

Warmup Round 2:

1 Bar Muscle-up

2 Toes to Bar

3 Deadlifts (Lighter Weight)

4 Calorie Row

*Ramp up pace to estimated workout speed

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