SATURDSY 9-28-19

Warm up

3 Sets:

40 Second  Row

30 Second Plank Hold

25’ Bear crawl

20 Reverse Lunges (10 Each Side)

10 Russian Baby Makers

Barbell Overhead Walking Lunge

Build to a Heavy at Each Distance:

1. 100′ Barbell Overhead Lunge

2. 50′ Barbell Overhead Lunge

3. 25′ Barbell Overhead Lunge

Rest as Needed Between Sets

• Working three separate distances today: 100, 75, and 50 feet

• The goal is to establish a “heavy” unbroken weight at each distance

• Take around 1-3 attempts at each distance before moving on to the next

• Enter your heaviest weight for each distance and SugarWOD will calculate the total weight moved across

• If you struggle with mobility, stay light and work a few sets at each distance to get more familiar with the necessary ranges of motion


Overhead Walking Lunge

• Front Rack or Back Rack Walking Lunge


In teams of two, perform the following for time:

800 Meter Run (together)

immediately followed by…(10)ten rounds, alternating each movement, of…

10 Dumbbell Hang “Clusters”

10 Burpees

10 Strict Pull-Ups

immediately followed by…

800 Meter Run (together)

(Partner A performs 10 hang “Clusters”; Partner B performs 10 burpees; Partner A performs 10 strict pull-ups; Partner B performs 10 hang “Clusters”; etc…. A “Cluster” is a Clean into a Thruster)

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