MONDAY 10-27-19


3 Rounds:

:15s Jump Rope (singles or doubles)

:30s Warrior Squat – 

:15s Alternating DB Strict Press (both bells in front rack, light loads, alternating presses)

:30s Russian Baby Makers – 

3 Rounds:

Steadily start to climb in intensity:

5 Light Dummbell Thrusters


:15 Jump Rope (singles of doubles)

Rest as needed between.

As we move, we can start to slowly start to build in dumbbell thruster loading. This is a prime opportunity to dial in our technique and positioning here before the weights become too heavy to focus on so.

10 min alternating EMOM

Min 1 work

Min 2 rest

:0-:20 sec max power cleans 135/95

:20-30 sec max Ring MU


For Time:

100/70 Calorie Row

… Directly into:

3 Rounds:

50 Wallballs (20/14)

30 Alternating Single Dumbbell Power Snatches (50/35)

• Larger row buy-in (completed once at the start)

• 3 Rounds of the couplet to follow.

• Simple movements inside the couplet (WB+Snatch), but challenging under the fatigue of the start with the row.

• Aim is to get comfortable cycling large sets of these movements despite that fatigue.


• On the row, let’s push our pace some. For meters, we pace. For calories, we push slightly more given the accumulation on the sliding scale.

• Imagine holding just a few seconds slower than your 2K pace. Aggressive, but manageable. We again want to be taxed going into the couplet for the training goal today.

• Despite feeling the row, just start. Don’t think, and just transition to the wallball for our first 10 reps. Re-asses on the way. We’re not doing a set of 50.. we’re doing a set of 10 to start. Make a judgement call after 5 reps.

Example breakup strategies:






Dumbbell Snatches



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