Wednesday 10/30/19

Wednesday EARLY POST

Warm up


Minute 1: 1 Minute Easy row or bike

Minute 2: 1 Minute Inchworms

Minute 3: 30 Seconds Front Plank + 30 Seconds of Sit-ups

Gymnastic Conditioning

On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:

9 Overhead Squats (115/85)

6 CTB Pull-Ups

1-3 Bar Muscle-Ups

• Barbell cycling and gymnastics. Fine tuning this combination.

• A moderate load on the OHS, where we can cycle through without a pause for all five rounds.

• Aim is to move directly into the gymnastic complex to follow.

• Naturally, OHS take a toll on our pulling/grip strength, resulting in a effective training combination.

WOD (20 min w/rest)

3 Rounds:


20/15 cal row

30 Shuttle Runs (10 Meters)

Max Calorie Row

Rest 4 Minutes Between Rounds

• we are fine tuning our engine, but not overdoing it for Friday.

• Let’s push our intensity, but focus on consistency across the three rounds.


Shuttle Runs

• 20 Burpees per round

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