Wednesday 11-6-19



Minute 1: 1 Minute Easy Machine

Minute 2: 1 Minute Inchworms

Minute 3: 30 Seconds Front Plank + 30 Seconds of Sit-ups

On the Minute x 20 (5 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 50 Double-Unders

Minute 2 – 25 AbMat Sit-Ups

Minute 3 – Max Calorie Row

Minute 4 – Rest

• A very simple conditioning piece for the lungs and legs, but to reduce any sort of residual impact for Friday.

• On the row , the aim is to find a consistent pace across all five rounds. Aggressive, but sustainable.

• On the DU and sit-up minutes, we are to be completed with the movement by the :50s mark. We can either modify our volume from the start, or time cap ourselves in the workout to ensure we are moving on at the proper times.


A) 4 Sets:

7 Tempo Kettlebell Deadlifts

7 Barbell Bench Press

B) 4 Sets:

7 Tempo Weighted Hip Extensions

Rest as needed between sets.

• Tempo KB Deadlifts – This is a tempo only down. With two kettlebells, a regular deadlift, followed by a 5s negative to the floor.

• Bench Press – Build to a moderate set of 7, with each set being unbroken. Heavier side, but must be unbroken which will control the higher loadings (not the aim today).

• Tempo Weighted Hip Extensions – Just like the tempo KB deadlifts, this is a tempo only down. Holding a plate across the chest after getting into the hip extension, it is a regular speed up, and tempo 5s negative down.

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