Tuesday 12-3-19

Warm up

2 Sets

30 Seconds Each


PVC Pass Throughs

Overhead Circles


Active Samson

Spiderman + Reach


3 Sets:

5 Inchworms

200′ Single Arm Overhead Carry (Change Every 50′)

Push Press


• Setting a weightlifting baseline today with a 10RM Push Press

• Take the bar out of the rack for these reps

• It may be helpful to follow the following sets when building:

* 5-6 Sets: 5-7 Reps

* 2-3 Attempt: 10RM

• Completing several sets of 5-7 reps allows you to gradually build in weight without burning out for your 10RM attempts

• We can aim for 2-3 attempts as 10 reps as the weight starts to get heavier

• Rest as needed between sets to maintain quality



Push Jerks (135/95)

Lateral Barbell Burpees


• Choose a weight for that you could complete the 21 reps unbroken when fresh

• This should be a weight you should have to break more than twice during the workout

• The barbell will come from the floor here, not from a rack, so that you can burpee over the bar

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