Wednesday 2.5.20

Warm up

3 Minutes Easy Row

3 Minutes of Warmup Complex

2 Minutes Moderate Row

2 Minutes of Warmup Complex

1 Minute Faster Row

1 Minute of Warmup Complex

Warmup Complex:

5 Ring Rows

10 Slow Air Squats

20 Second Side Plank (Each Side)


AMRAP 3 minutes

rest 3 minutes

AMRAP 3 minutes


3 “Macho Man” Complexes (115/85)

3 “Macho Man” Complexes (135/95)

3 “Macho Man” Complexes (155/105)

3 “Macho Man” Complexes (185/125)

3 “Macho Man” Complexes (205/145)

Max “Macho Man” Complexes (225/155)

• 1 Round of “Macho Man” is:

3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Push Jerks

• The format of this piece is: 3 Minutes On – 3 Minutes Off – 3 Minutes On

• You’ll work as far as you can in the first three minutes, noting where you left off

• After the rest period, you’ll pick up exactly where you left off and see how far you can get in the final three minutes of work

• For Example: If you finished the 2nd round of “Macho Man” at the (155/105) barbell in the first three minutes, you’ll pick up with the start of the 3rd round of “Macho Man” at that weight when work resumes

• You can even pick up in the middle of a round, it doesn’t have to be a fully completed round

• “Macho Man” sets do not have to be completed unbroken

• The weight selection should feel as follows:

* Bars 1-2: Light

* Bars 3-4: Moderate

* Bars 5-6: Heavier

• You final score is total completed rounds and reps of “Macho Man”

• If you reach the 6th and final barbell, you’ll complete as many round as possible at that weight until time runs out


For Time:

Buy-In: 15 Clusters (135/95)

3 Rounds:

21/15 Calorie Row

15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Cash-Out: 15 Clusters (135/95)

KILOS: 61/43


• The barbell serves as the buy-in and cash-out to the 3 main sets of bike and chest to bar pull-ups

• You’ll complete all 15 Clusters, then the 3 rounds, Then 15 more Clusters to finish out the workout

• Squat Clean Thrusters:

* Choose a moderate barbell weight that allows you to complete the Squat Clean Thrusters as quick singles

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