Lenette Vierra of CrossFit HI Kauai Owner and Coach

Lenette doing what she LOVES BURPEES

Lenette doing what she LOVES BURPEES

Lenette Vierra, has been a fitness enthusiast and coach most of her life, and has been a CrossFitter for over a three years, originally starting CrossFit at an affiliate on  Kauai.  Lenette is currently is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer and an Ace Certified Group Fitness Trainer.  She has received instruction in how to prepare athletes using Marathon Training, Core Conditioning, Boot Camp, Basic Training for Running, IFT Model for Program Design, Metabolic Conditioning, and Sports/Conditioning Program Design.  Lenette’s passion for fitness has inspired her to complete many local racing events including a sprint triathlons and Five marathons, including Kaua‘i’s first Marathon in 2009.  Finally, Lenette is a Kaua‘i native, born and raised on the island and, as a mother of three, with a daughter successfully graduating from Kaua‘i High school  and since has chosen to Serve our US AIR FORCE , which makes her a very proud mom.  Lenette has a unique understanding of what locals of all ages need and are looking for, she proves to bring the best to the box by continuing her training, attending and receiving Certs in CF GYMNASTIC COURSE as well as CF MOBILITY TRAINING COUSE.  What drives her in CrossFit is the “CONSTANTILY  VARIED” Methology a mix of Gymnastics, Metabolic training, Weightlifiting, andPower Lifting,  she feels there is always something to work on (skill, Strength, endurance etc) and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach those Goals, but in the end seeing the members of Crossfit Hi Reach their Goals is even more rewarding to her. #LOVECROSSFIT #COMMUNITY


James Rocha of CrossFit HI Kauai Owner and Coach

James has been CrossFitting for over 3 years, originally starting CrossFit at an Affiliate here on Kauai, which in turn James shared his new love of CrossFit  with his Co-workers at the firestation.  Coaching his friends had inspired James to Become a CFL1 Trainer, and Box Owner of the 2nd Affiliation on the Island of Kauai, Locally owned and operated Business centrally located in Puhi the first Lihue Box.

For the past Four years, James has been a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technichian at PMRF Barking Sands.  His job requires him to be in top physical condition which helped him to quickly recognize the benefits of CrossFit when first introduced to it.  As such, he introduced CrossFit into the daily fitness regimen of the members of his crew where he currently coaches and instructs other fire fighters in the basics.  James has attained his CF GYMNASTICS CERTIFICATION as well as CF MOBILITY CERTIFICATION in 2013.

Outside of work and CrossFit, James has, for the past five years volunteered as an assistant/head coach for Kauai High School and community volleyball where he has gained valuable experience coaching and helping youth in Kaua‘i succeed.


Aaron started Crossfitting in Dec 2012 with Crossfit High Impact & has been addicted ever since. Recently completed & passed the Crossfit Level 1 Certification in Nov 2013. Also is currently employed by the State of Hawaii as a Airport Rescue Fire Fighter.
Aside from being a Fire Fighter & Crossfitter “Bogie” as he called by friends enjoys spending time with his Ohana (family/friends). Is the proud father of 2 boys: Duke who is 7yrs & Haʻakoa is 2yrs old, engaged to his beautiful fiance Kalikolehua.
Enjoys to live life “constantly varied” by paddling OC1 canoes, surfing, SUPing, diving, hunting, hiking, camping and other activities that involved being outdoors. Favorite past time is sleeping. Adiccted to coffee, social media & positive vibes.


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