TUESDAY 11-12-19

Warm up

3 Sets

200 Meter Run

15 Overhead Circles (Each Direction)

10 Calorie Row

5 Inchworms


2 Round

4 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

4 Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbell

4 x 10 Meter Shuttle Run


Teams of 2

12 Rounds For Time:

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

12 Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbell

12 x 10 Meter Shuttle Run

Switch After Fully Completed Rounds (6 Each)

In the absence of a teammate, complete as Work/Rest for 6 rounds (time to completion is your next rest).

• One athlete works at a time in this fast paced partner workout

• The athlete working will complete all 36 repetitions before switching off to their partner

• Each partner will complete 6 rounds each, for a total of 12

• The score is the time it takes to complete all 12 rounds

• We’ll cap today’s workout at 30 minutes


In observance of Veterans Day

ONLY 2 classes today 6 AM & 8 AM

Anyone redoing 20.5 can come in at 8 -8:30 am warm up be ready to go at 9 AM coach James and

Or Lenette can Judge and count after class

Warm up


Row Calories

AbMat Sit-Ups


1 Round:

10 Small Hops

10 Tall Hops

3 Box Jumps (Lower Height)

3 Box Jumps (Workout Height)

2 Rounds:

7 Russian Kettlebell Swings

7 Kettlebell Swings

3 Rounds:

5 Second Dip Position Hold

5 Push Press (empty barbell)




10 Push Press (115/85)

10 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, of Bethany, Oklahoma, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Wash., died September 29th, 2009, in Jolo Island, Philippines, from the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Martin is survived by his wife Ashley Martin, his parents Jack and Cheryl Martin, and siblings Abe, Mandi, Amber and Abi.

FRIDAY 20.5 11-8-19



Minute 1: 1 Minute Easy Row

Minute 2: 1 Minute Inchworms Video

Minute 3: 5 Scap Retractions + 5 Wallballs


Pigeon Stretch: 2-3 Minutes Each Side

Ankle Dorsiflexion: 1-2 Minutes

Barbell Thoracic Opener: 2-3 Minutes


Open 20.5

For time, partitioned anyway:

40 Ring Muscle-Ups

80 Calorie Row

120 Wallball Shots (20/14) *Females 9′ Target

20:00 Time Cap.

*Tiebreak – Time to completion of 80 calorie row + 120 wallballs.

Wednesday 11-6-19



Minute 1: 1 Minute Easy Machine

Minute 2: 1 Minute Inchworms

Minute 3: 30 Seconds Front Plank + 30 Seconds of Sit-ups

On the Minute x 20 (5 Rounds):

Minute 1 – 50 Double-Unders

Minute 2 – 25 AbMat Sit-Ups

Minute 3 – Max Calorie Row

Minute 4 – Rest

• A very simple conditioning piece for the lungs and legs, but to reduce any sort of residual impact for Friday.

• On the row , the aim is to find a consistent pace across all five rounds. Aggressive, but sustainable.

• On the DU and sit-up minutes, we are to be completed with the movement by the :50s mark. We can either modify our volume from the start, or time cap ourselves in the workout to ensure we are moving on at the proper times.


A) 4 Sets:

7 Tempo Kettlebell Deadlifts

7 Barbell Bench Press

B) 4 Sets:

7 Tempo Weighted Hip Extensions

Rest as needed between sets.

• Tempo KB Deadlifts – This is a tempo only down. With two kettlebells, a regular deadlift, followed by a 5s negative to the floor.

• Bench Press – Build to a moderate set of 7, with each set being unbroken. Heavier side, but must be unbroken which will control the higher loadings (not the aim today).

• Tempo Weighted Hip Extensions – Just like the tempo KB deadlifts, this is a tempo only down. Holding a plate across the chest after getting into the hip extension, it is a regular speed up, and tempo 5s negative down.